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App and administrative panel
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Primeserv is a freight and fleet management company that serves all of Brazil. The company approached us to automate the freight outsourcing management process. The entire operation was done manually and over the phone, which left the process in a plaster cast and with limited reach.
For being a very dynamic environment, it was essential that the entire offer and contracting process was much more agile and did not involve a team to operate it. With the scope in hand and with many ideas to optimize the entire process, the concept was to integrate freight and drivers on the same platform. Customers would be able to publicize the loads and drivers would have the freedom to choose the type of freight they could handle.
Go to market:
A light and intuitive application was developed to automate the entire operation, reducing the involvement of other people. The entire process was optimized, becoming faster, more dynamic and encouraging use by everyone involved. In addition, an administrative panel was created for platform managers, providing full control of operations and data analysis.
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