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Logotipo da Slideworks

Slide to the future.


The changes happens
too fast.

But for those who think in technology this more then a predictable phenomenon. We're ready for the world of tomorrow. We can say we are responsibles for the changes.

Usando iWatch Pessoas em um shopping Homem andando de bicicleta

Mobile development

iOS, Android

Always updated with the most new resources and best practices of development on the main mobile platforms, we're always searching for something more with inovation and security.
We develop applications to provide a simpler, easy, faster and intuitive user experience.

Front-end development

Responsive and measurable.

Beyond the responsive interfaces and esteticly atractive, your job is to make it work as an extension of the thought of who uses it.
Is essential for the user experience to be easy and instinctive.
That being said, we develop solutions for the user always finds what he's looking for and accomplish your actions in an easy and fast way.

Back-end development

Your code is your technology.

To everything works perfectly, it's essential to always have a conscistent work in the “backstage”.
We optimize the interactions though good practices of coding, using the most inovative resources and always looking for to make the actions to work quickly and in a precise way.

Integration and creation of new technologies

If doesn't exist, why not do it?

The technology is each momento more important in everything we do every day.
There is a big field for the evolution of our interactions and for that, is necessary, to search new solutions.
When we create or integrate new technologies, we have a big diferential, that provides us enjoy a great potencial of large opportunities and growth perspectives and profitability.
One simple idea can change everything.

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